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NTGD knife gate valve company is an ISO certified knife gate valve manufacturer. NTGD specialized in manufacturing knife gate valve, including pneumatic knife gate valve, manual knife gate valve, through conduit knife gate valve, bidirectional knife gate valve with lug or wafer connection end. Our knife gate valves are designed according to the latest industrial standard ANSI, ASME and DIN.

manual knife valve

Manual Knife Gate Valve

Lug Knife Gate Valve | Wafer Type Knife Valve

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Actuated Knife Gate Valve

Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve | Motorized Knife valve

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Industries That We Serve

Knife gate valve solves the problems of wedge gate valve, such as heavy weight, large flow resistance, large area and difficult installation, and can replace general cut-off valve. The gate of the knife gate valve has the shearing function, which can scrape the adhesive on the surface and cover, and automatically remove the sundries. 

  • Mining, coal washing, iron and steel industry – used for coal washing pipeline, slag slurry pipeline, ash discharge pipeline, etc;
  • Purification device: used for waste water, mud, dirt and clear water with suspended solids;
  • Paper industry – used for anyconcentration of pulp, feed water mixture;
  • Ash removal in power station – used for ash slurry

Never Compromised on Quality

NTGD knife gate valve adop the latest technology to take our product quality to the next level. Our staffs are well-trained to never compromise on quality.

NTGD have established quality control system, improve and enhance engineering design to ensure product performance. We are looking forwarder to work with more client wordwide, creating value together.

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Our Mission

NTGD knif gate valve aim to be your knife gate valve expert of proven quality and trustworthy partner, we consistently provide on-time service to our customer. From the date NTGD established, we aim to become a main knife gate valve manufacturer. NTGD always try our best to offer reliable, affordable knife gate valve  as well as satisfied customer service. We hope knife gate valve connect the pipe as well as long term relationship between us.


As long as we estblish NTGD knife gate valve, we applied for ISO 9001 certificate to establish our quality system. We have been certified for more than 20 year span. 

These years NTGD knife gate valve get certified by ISO 45001 and ISO 14001. These management systme help us consistently improve quality. 

what is knife valve

What is a knife gate valve

Knife gate valves get their name from their ability to cut through the medium containing suspended solids. They operate by moving a circular and rectangular gate out of the media’s path. Knife gate valves are frequently employed when a straight-line fluid flow with minimum restriction is required.

The sealing surfaces in between the gate and seats are planar. Knife gate valves are popular because they are cost-effective, simple to use, and lighter. They’re also quite useful in a variety of industries and procedures. Knife gate valves have a sharp edge that cuts through the pulp and seals it.

How does knife gate valve works

A knife gate valve allows thick media to flow freely over seals without being obstructed. They function by cutting up the media as it flows through the valve. Knife gate valves are now widely used in various processing facilities worldwide and available in multiple sizes.

This allows the valve to handle thick media flows such as grease, oils, slurry, wastewater, and paper pulp with ease. Knife gate valves have low-pressure limits resulting from this and are intended to seat the blade into a soft seal without causing any disturbance.

Knife gate valve mainly includes three parts, which are the control handwheel of knife gate valve, the outer wall of valve body and the internal control device. We use the knife gate valve mainly by controlling the handwheel on the knife gate valve to make the control device inside the valve body carry out a series of physical movements, and finally form the opening and closing of the valve. In this way, the knife gate valve can work normally and control the on-off of the pipeline.

The internal structure of the knife gate valve is very complex. We turn the hand wheel of the knife gate valve by hand to make it rotate. In this way, the knife gate valve can pull the lever and gear inside the knife gate valve to work. Through the linkage movement, the blocking device inside the valve can change rapidly. According to the different direction of rotation, the knife gate valve can be opened and closed. And this kind of work can be completed in a very short time, which can effectively save time and improve work efficiency

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