Bidirectional Knife Gate Valve

Bidirectional Knife Gate Valve

1: Nominal pressure: PN1.0 ~ 1.6Mpa
2: Diameter range: DN50 ~ DN 1400
3: Connection form: wafer, lug
4: Valve body material: G40, WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3, cf3m
5: Ram material: F55, f532205, ss310, SS316L, SS316, SS304
6: Sealing material: NBR, EPDM
7: Packing material: aramid, high water machine, PTFE, rubber, graphite

Bidirectional Knife Gate Valve Introduction

bidirectional knife gate valve

The bidirectional knife gate valve is also called grooveless knife gate valve. The cast iron valve body adopts an integral structure. The bidirectional knife gate valve includes the valve body, gate and U-shaped sealing strip.

The inlet and outlet of the valve body and the bottom of the middle cavity are provided with grooves and elastic U-shaped sealing strip. When the valve is closed, the gate moves down, and the bottom edge of the gate contacts with the sealing strip, thus compressing the sealing strip into the groove to realize the sealing of the valve body and gate.

When the bidirectional knife gate valve is opened, the gate moves up, the bottom edge of the gate is separated from the sealing strip, and the sealing strip springs up and the groove is flat, which can prevent the medium sediment from depositing in the groove of the middle cavity of the valve body during the use of the knife gate valve, which is not easy to block and has no residue, and the pipeline is easy to clean, so as to effectively improve the sealing effect of the knife gate valve and prevent leakage when the valve is closed.

Bidirectional Knife Gate Valve Features

  • The bottom of gate is designed with inclined angle;
  • Wedge blocks are provided on both sides of the valve body;
  • The above two features ensure that the gate will play a limiting role when it is closed, and effectively increase the service life of the seal ring;
  • The new two-body bracket increases the strength of the bracket;
  • The bidirectional knife gate valve body is designed with diversion to prevent the fluid from staying in the valve chamber;
  • PTFE limit block ensures that the gate does not contact with the valve body and prolongs the service life of the gate