knife gate valve vs gate valve

Difference between knife gate valve and ordinary gate valve

There are many types of gate valve, knife gate valve is one of them. Gate valve can be divided into flat gate valve and knife gate valve according to structure type. Knife gate valve can be divided into flange type, lug type and wafer type according to its connection mode.

The difference between the knife gate valve and the ordinary gate valve is that the structure is simple, the opening and closing mechanism is the gate, and the movement direction of the gate is perpendicular to the fluid direction. Small volume, flexible operation, easy installation, more suitable for high consistency media and solid particles. It can be seen from the name that the knife gate valve mainly depends on the knife gate to cut off the medium. The sluice has two sealing surfaces forming a wedge. The ram can be made into integral rigid ram or elastic ram, which can produce small deformation and improve the sealing performance.

knife gate valve vs gate valve

Advantage of Knife Gate Valve

Compared with ordinary gate valve, knife gate valve mainly highlights some advantages of the following products:

  1. U-type gasket has good sealing effect.
  2. Full bore design, so that the medium through the ability. At the same time, it can be easily installed, disassembled and maintained under the condition of dirt medium, and the valve seal can be replaced without removing the valve, which makes the valve maintenance easier.
  3. The gate with the function of knife switch has good effect of breaking, can effectively break all kinds of debris in the medium, and solve the leakage phenomenon of the medium containing block, particle and fiber after breaking.
  4. The knife gate valve has the advantages of ultra short structure length, small volume, small flow resistance, light weight, material saving and small effective space occupation.

Although the price of knife gate valve is about 20% higher than that of ordinary gate valve, its better performance has been generally recognized by the market, and it has quietly been listed on the list of NTGD’s most popular product series. After 20 years of development, with senior production experience and advanced technical level, we have a number of formal and modern production bases, providing a large number of stable products for the knife gate valve market, with good reputation. To use knife gate valve, choose NTGD valve.

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